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If you were a kid (or even alive at all) in the early 90s, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed a trend in toys from that time period… Starting with the huge success of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the toy world (and TV cartoons) quickly attempted to recreate the magic by totally exploiting every anthropomorphic combination that you can imagine. Whether it was Street Sharks, Bucky O’Hare, or Food Fighters, there were no shortage of amazing toys. The Biker Mice from Mars action figures were no exception, and while I’m probably a bit biased from my great childhood memories, you can’t tell me there isn’t something awesome a badass team of Mice (including one with a robotic arm) who ride motorcycles and fight bad guys…

The backstory of Biker Mice from Mars

If you stumble upon the Biker Mice from Mars Wikipedia entry, you’ll learn the following:

Biker Mice from Mars is a science fiction action animated series created by Rick Ungar that began airing in 1993, in the United States and lasted for three seasons. It follows three anthropomorphic mice motorcyclists named Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie who escape a war on their home planet Mars before arriving to defend the Earth from the evil that destroyed their homeland (the Plutarkians) and to one day return to Mars. The mice’s signature weapons consist of a cestus and a laser (Throttle), a bionic arm (Modo), and flares (Vinnie). Despite the frequent battles, no blood is shown, no firearms are used and many villains are monsters, aliens, and robots.

To summarize the rest of the plot, the Biker Mice wind up crash landing in scoreboard (Quigley Field, coincidentally) in Chicago. Naturally, when you’re a team of badass Mice from outer space, you immediately head to Ghetto of Chicago to investigate the evil-doings that may be happening within.

The resident bad-guy in charge is none other than Lawrence Limburger, a Plutarkian disguised as a successful businessman. The majority of the antics involve either Limburger himself or one of his two key henchmen, the mad-scientist Dr. Karbunkle and the bumbling mechanic known as Greasepit.

Biker Mice from Mars Action Figures

Now that we’ve got the history and plot behind us, it’s time to take a closer look at the impressive roster of action figures offered by Galoob toys in 1993. For sake of the article, we’ll limit this to only the first wave of figures. We’ll start with the good guys:


Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Throttle action figure

The leader of the Biker Mice from Mars, Throttle is the level-headed clear thinker of the group. Throttle lost his eyes in the Mars incident, and they’ve since been replaced by bionic eyeballs. The Throttle action figure comes with a sprocket launcher that attaches to his arm, 3 sprocket projectiles, and his signature helmet.


Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Modo Action Figure

The strongest of the three, Modo serves as the brute of the group. After losing his arm as part of the Mars attack, he obtained a robotic replacement with a built-in laser cannon. The Modo action figure comes packaged with a rocket launcher, rocket, and a helmet.


Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Vinnie Action Figure

The egotistical mouse of the bunch, Vinnie is the thrillseeker of the group. Following the trend of bionic injury repairs, half of Vinnie’s face was damaged and is covered with a faceplate. Vinnie comes packed with a grip claw and his helmet.

Charlene “Charley” Davidson

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Charley action figure

The April O’Neil equivalent, Charley is the trusted female counterpart to the Biker Mice from Mars. Charley is the owner of the Last Chance Garage, and just happens to be the most talented mechanic in Chicago and helps the Biker Mice with upgrades and repairs.

The Bad Guys:

Lawrence Limburger

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Lawrence Limburger action figure

The main evil-doer of the whole series. Lawrence Limburger has a very mobster-like feel to him, but the unique twist? He wears a human mask in order to hide his true origins. Lawrence’s action figure comes packed with his mask and a spiked mouse trap.

Dr. Karbunkle

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Dr Karbunkle action figure

Karbunkle is the mad scientist of the show. He’s also the responsible for much of the technology used, including Modo’s arm, Vinnie’s faceplate, and Throttles eyes. He’s often found torturing his mutant buddy, Fred. The Karbunkle figure came packed with his side-kick Fred, which was basically like getting 2 figures for the price of one!


Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Greasepit Action Figure

As mentioned before, Greasepit is the bumbling mechanic and Limburger’s right hand man. Like most of the bumbling bad guys in 90s cartoons, he really sucked at his job.The Greasepit figure came packaged with an oil can and gun that was capable of squirting water for added play value.


Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Weevil Action Figure

Weevil is one of the bad guys teleported to earth by Dr. Karbunkle. He’s got a rocker-like mentality and a crazy eyeball. He came packed with his signature eyeball guitar.


Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Lectromag action figure

Yet another bad guy transported by Dr. Karbunkle- Lectromag is an electromagnet monstrosity. Lectromag came packed with coiled wires acting as claws like that of Dr. Octopus, with actual magnets built in. He also came packed with his gun accessory.

The Vehicles

The first wave of Biker Mice from Mars action figures included three primary vehicles- the motorcycles in window boxes for each of the main Mice, as well as Greasepit, as seen below:

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Throttle's Blazin' Cycle

The Playsets

In addition to the figures and vehicles, Galoob released an official Scoreboard Hideout playset:

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Scoreboard Hideout figure playset

Last but not least, you’ve got the Karbunkle’s Transporter playset:

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Karbunkle's Transporter and Labb figure set

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