The Ultimate Action Figure Gift Guide of 2018

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The Ultimate Action Figure Gift Guide of 2018

If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for the toy collector in your life, look no further, we’ve got your Ultimate Action Figure Gift Guide of 2018! We know that it can be tough buying a gift for the special collector in your life. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of trying to find something they will like- most collectors will love the fact that you even tried to get them something they are passionate about! To help, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite modern toys – all of which should be relatively easy to find before Christmas!

One word of warning- some collectors only collect vintage items (toys made in the 70s/80s primarily) and may not be into some of the items below… keep an eye out for our upcoming article with gift ideas for vintage toy collectors! If your significant other collects things from all eras, continue on and you’re sure to find something that they will love! Full disclosure- using the links below will help support The Toy Archives!

Funko DC Primal Age Figures

Funko has fully embraced the vintage Masters of the Universe figures and have produced quite a few action figures for this holiday season! These figures combine the classic body style of He-Man with the design elements of DC Comics heroes and villains. The lineup features Batman, the Joker, Wonder Woman, a Batcave, and much more! If you know someone who loves the DC Universe and Masters of the Universe (He-Man) make sure you check out the links below:



Funko Savage World Thundercats Action Figures

Very similar to the DC Primal Age figures, these classic Thundercats figures are another offering by Funko that utilize the Masters of the Universe body-style. It’s tough to beat the combination of a He-Man body with a Lion-O design! If you’re not a Lion-O fan, at least grab a Panthro or Mumm-Ra! Be cautious with these figures, though, as many of them have been appearing with broken arms or legs- be sure to order with plenty of time to spare in case you need to exchange it for an undamaged one before the Holidays!


Funko Savage World Horror Figures

The last of the Funko offerings based off of the He-Man body styles- these Savage World Horror figures are a must for any Horror Movie Lover! Featuring a Leatherface, Michael Myers, Freddy, Pinhead, and Jason! These seem to have held up better than the Thundercats offering, so you shouldn’t have much risk of receiving a damaged figure.


Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends have been a modern staple for a number of years. This holiday season, Amazon has introduced an exclusive set featuring Wolverine and Sentinel. This set features a traditionally scaled 6 inch Wolverine and an electronic talking Sentinel figure, packaged in a beautifully displaying comic box. The link below will take you to the Amazon listing if you’re interested in learning more.

Amazon Exclusive Marvel Legends – Wolverine and Sentinel

Super7 Reaction Aliens Action Figures

A personal favorite- these Super7 Reaction figures on blue cards were released exclusively for New York Comic Con. This set of 5 figures carries on the line of Super7’s Alien offerings, offering an answer to the “What if Kenner had actually produced the 3 3/4 inch figures?” While the figures themselves are available also on all black cardbacks (they’re a little cheaper)- the classic blue was exclusive to NYCC.

NYCC Super7 Reaction Alien Figure Set

NYCC Super7 Reaction Alien Figure Set

Super7 Reaction Universal Monsters Figures

Another favorite of the Super7 Reaction lineup- their Universal Monsters! The figures themselves were released on standard square cardbacks, but these uniquely beautiful cards were only offered at NYCC. The set of 4 features some incredible cardback art, paired with some excellent Reaction figures!

Super7 Reaction NYCC Monster Figure Set

Super7 Reaction NYCC Monster Figure Set


Super7 NYCC Exclusive Phantom Starkiller

A partnership between Killer Bootlegs and Super7 brought this amazing piece of custom art to life. The elusive Phantom Starkiller, featuring the full Super7 Reaction treatment, was only available at NYCC. This one is in very high demand, so will require purchasing from eBay or another 3rd party. The link below is to the only current active eBay auction, so if this custom figure is on your radar, you’ll want to act quickly.

Phantom Starkiller - NYCC Exclusive

Phantom Starkiller – NYCC Exclusive


NECA has been on an absolute roll lately as well, and the large scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures are no exception. These figures are some of the most detailed and well articulated 1/4 Scale (they stand over 16 inches tall) figures ever made. If you’ve got a TMNT Fan in your life that doesn’t yet have these, there are few better gifts than one (or more) of these!

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