The Toy Archives – Episode 6 – Mego, Scammers, and Top 10 Toys of the 70s

In this episode, we cover the newest waves of Mego’s comeback product and their Wave 2 release, including Star Trek, Universal Monsters (FRANKENSTEIN!!!), Full House, Star Trek, Charlie’s Angels, the Brady Bunch, and much more! After, we talk about two recent scamming/stealing scandals in the toy collecting hobby, one of which happened at the Chicago Toy Show, and the other within the Star Wars Facebook groups. Lastly, we break down our list of top 10 toys of 70s!

Mego Wave 2 2018 Action Figures

The Wave 2 Lineup includes:

  • The Gorn (Star Trek)
  • Kris Munroe (Charlie’s Angels)
  • Cliff Clavin (Cheers)
  • Samantha (Bewitched)
  • Kelly Bundy (Married with Children)
  • Greg Brady (Brady Bunch)
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Phoebe Halliwell (Charmed)
  • Richie Cunningham (Happy Days)
  • Jo Jo Polniaczek (Facts of Life)
  • Mr. Spock (Star Trek)
  • Starchild (KISS)
  • Dorothy and the Wicked Witch (2-pack, The Wizard of Oz)
  • DJ and Stephanie Tanner (2-pack, Full House)

The 14 inch offering was expanded with four new figures:

  • Classic Superman
  • Green Lantern
  • Batgirl/Barbara Gordon
  • Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley

Toy Collecting Scams!

This episode covers two recent hobby scams… One took place in Chicago at the Kane County Toy Show where a dealer was caught trying to lift a Funko Pop from another booth. Second, we talk about the most recent Star Wars scandal involving a $3,000 Engineering Pilot that was used to deceive and steal from a member of the community. Lots of great toy-drama in this section, so make sure you give it a listen!

The Top 10 Toys of the 1970s

Check out the article here, but be sure to listen to the podcast to hear more detail!

  • Evel Knievel (Ideal Toys)
  • Adventure People (Fisher Price)
  • Micronauts (Mego)
  • Six Million Dollar Man (Kenner)
  • Shogun Warriors (Mattel)
  • AHI Monsters (Azrak Hamway International)
  • Lincoln International Monsters
  • GI Joe Adventure Team (Hasbro)
  • Mego’s 8 Inch Lineup (WGSH, Mad Monsters, etc)
  • Star Wars (Kenner)
Mark Vanis

Mark Vanis

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