The Best Spider-Man Action Figure of Every Scale

Carrying off of the hype from the newest Spider-Man movie (Into the Spider-Verse), I thought it may be fun to take a look back across the vast multitude of Spider-Man action figures we’ve gotten over the years. From the classic original suit, to Spider-Punk and beyond, we’ve gotten an absolutely insane number of Spider-Man toys over the years.

There are a colossal number of Spider-Man figures out there, so to keep this somewhat in check, we’ll break them down by scale. Our goal is to provide you with an ultimate guide to the Best Spider-Man Action Figure at every scale. We’ll start with 1/6th, 8 Inch (c’mon, I’m a vintage collector, you didn’t think we could do this without Mego, right?), 1/12th, and we’ll wrap up with the best 4 inch and 3 3/4 inch figures.

The Best 1/6th Scale (12 inch) Spider-Man Figure

Hot Toys Avengers Infinity War Spider-Man Iron Spider Figure


Okay, this is admittedly a pretty new figure, but it’s an impressive one to say the least. Since it’s first appearance in 2006, the Iron Spider suit has stood out to me as an absolutely stunning take on the standard Spidey suit. To say I was excited to see it appear on the big screen would be an understatement-  I loved seeing it in action in Avengers: Infinity War. I mean come on… how can you not love an Iron-Man influenced Spidey suit?

The Hot Toys Iron Spider is an absolutely beautiful figure. As usual, Hot Toys has absolutely nailed the details in this figure. The suit, the articulation, the Iron Spider legs are all fantastic. While it’s really tough to beat the pure nostalgia of the classic Spider-Man suit, this piece really steals the spotlight when displayed properly.

The Best 8 Inch Spider-Man Action Figure

Mego WGSH Action Figures Spider-Man Circle Suit

Okay, this one might be a weird category considering 8 inch action figures aren’t really a thing anymore, but the Mego World’s Greatest Super Heroes Spider-Man is a notable enough figure that it deserves a seat at the table.

Spider-Man lends himself perfectly to the nicely-made cloth suits of Mego’s WGSH line, and the simplicity of the mask make for an easy head sculpt that stands the test of time. The figure didn’t have any fancy design elements or accessories, which may be a downfall by today’s standards, by the standards of 1975 this thing was an absolute work of art.

The Top 1/12th (6 inch) Scale Spider-Man Action Figures

The 1/12th scale figure offering has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last few years. If you’re not up to speed on scale terminology, 1/12th is approximately 6 inches and is the scale of Marvel Legends and Hasbro’s Black Series figures.

The Marvel Legends figure lineup has offered a significant number of Spider-Man options, including everything from the traditional suit to the Noir, and even includes a Spider-Punk action figure. Since there are a huge number of options, I’ve included the best original suit version and a few of my favorite alt-costumes.



The best original suit goes to the “pizza-Spidey” figure. While the retro packaging shown above was the second release of this figure, the packaging doesn’t matter as much the figure itself. This particular Spider-Man action figure is the best on the market. His articulation is second-to-none, the paint and deco is spot on, and you get a sweet pizza accessory to go with it!

Marvel Legends Symbiote Spider-Man Action FigureThis Spider-Man Symbiote figure takes the cake for the best Legends scale Spider-Man figure featuring an alt costume. The symbiote suit is a pretty straightforward design and was executed nicely on this figure. The real stand out of this, like the other best Spider-Man figures on this list, is the articulation. I’ve definitely always been a sucker for this look, so I couldn’t bring myself to leave it off the list.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man Miles Morales Action Figure

Lastly but definitely not least, I wanted to call out the Miles Morales figure as well. Similar to the symbiote suit, the design is fairly simple, but well executed by Hasbro on the figure. The figure is a bit different than the other Legends figures on the list, as the body is a new sculpt and scale entirely. Since Miles is a teenager, Hasbro created a smaller teen-scale body for this figure. This is yet another very solid offering, as the articulation is on point with other Spider-Man figures and the new body size is excellent! I suspect this figure will gain some popularity, as Miles is a prominent character in the new movie.

The Best 4 inch Spider-Man Action Figure

Toy Biz Marvel Spider-Man Action Figure

I struggled with whether or not we should split the 4 inch offerings up vs. the 3 3/4, but there’s enough distinction that it was worth providing another section. When it comes to the 4 inch line, it’s tough to beat the Toy Biz animated line. While the articulation on this one isn’t nearly as good as the Marvel Legends of even the modern 3 3/4 offerings, this was definitely a staple of 1990s Spider-Man action figures.

The Top 3 3/4 inch Spider-Man Action Figures

Mattel Marvel Secret Wars Black Suit Spider-Man Action Figure

For pure nostalgia the Mattel Marvel Secret Wars lineup offered two of the classic 3 3/4 inch Spider-Man figures with both the original suit and the black costume. While the figures weren’t overly articulated, they were some of the earliest small-scale Spider-Man figures and actually hold up pretty well from a design perspective. If you can’t get over the limited poseability, there are some modern offerings that would rank much higher for articulation.

From a poseability and design perspective, the Marvel Universe 3 3/4 offering is tough to beat. Much like the Secret Wars lineup, you’ve got your option between the classic and the black suit for the figure.

The Joy of Collecting Spider-Man Figures

The nice thing about Spider-Man is that there are an enormous number of options in both size and design to collect. Like any true hoarde… I mean, collector- you don’t have to have just one!

Do you have a favorite Spidey figure that didn’t make the list? If so, tell us what it is in the comments!

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