Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook, only to be confronted by someone’s picture of a toy that you didn’t know anything about? I think it’s happened to all of us at some point- you see a picture of a figure you hadn’t seen before or a line you’ve never heard of, but as of that moment you knew you needed to own it? That’s exactly what happened to me with the Mythic Legions figures by Four Horsemen Studios.

Mythic Legions Figures – Love at first sight!

As I was scrolling, my eyes locked onto the strange looking orange troll action figure. After a quick read of the post, I learned that the figure’s name was Brontus and that he was a large-sized troll (not the internet trolls we’re used to, but a real, actual troll) from the Mythic Legions action figure line.

Brontus the Troll (Mythic Legions)

Mythic Legions Action Figure - Brontus the Troll

Mythic Legions Action Figure – Brontus the Troll

Immediately after seeing Brontus, I knew I needed to hunt this line down. At this point, I knew nothing about it at all. A quick Google search landed me on Four Horsemen Studio’s Shop page – Store Horsemen. I immediately saw the $100 price tag and thought to myself “damn, that’s not bad for how cool that thing was, I’ll take it!” only to be greeted by the “Sold Out” button. Of course he was sold out- he’s awesome, I should have known better!

My next stop was eBay, where I was greeted with a price tag that was even worse… $250!? Ouch! Back to the Four Horsemen Store I went, only to learn that literally everything was sold out… which left me wondering:

Where can I buy Mythic Legions figures?

It turns out, these figures are made in relatively small quantities, and are primarily only sold via Kickstarter campaigns and Preorders. Because of that, it definitely creates a lot of demand after new waves are released, and you can expect the cost to be higher than the standard retail because of it.

I learned shortly after all of this, that my timing wasn’t as bad as it could have been- the newest wave (Mythic Legions: Advent of Decay) was still up for pre-order, but only through April 25th (this date has now been extended until Friday, April 27th).

Knowing I had a few days before the closing of the pre-order, and that I would be headed to the Chicago Toy Show (if you’ve never been make sure you check out the article I posted about the show) the weekend before, I figured I’d try to check one of these figures out in person.

My very first Mythic Legions purchase!

Mythic Legions Action Figures

The lot of 4 Mythic Legions figures that I picked up in Chicago.

While in Chicago, I kept an eye out and was surprised to not see any of these figures. As I sat and tended to our booth on Sunday (secretly recovering from a slight over-hang due to the social activities the night before) I happened to glance up at an adjacent booth, where I saw the easily distinguishable box of not one, but two troll figures! When I walked over, I noticed a few individual figures hanging from pegs right below them- SCORE! This was my chance to finally inspect these in person.

After a quick glance at the figure (Of the three that he had, I gravitated toward Rahmulus) my suspicion was confirmed… I had to buy them. Both the trolls and the figure were marked well above their normal retail prices, which I expected, but were fairly priced considering recent eBay sold listings. I inquired about a deal if I bought all 3, and after a quick negotiation- I proudly owned them! After talking a bit more with the seller, I realized he looked familiar and discovered that he was Travis Bolles of the My Wife Is Going To Kill Me podcast.

Mythic Legions Figures – Rahmulus Review

Mythic Legions Action Figure - Rahmulus

Mythic Legions Action Figure – Rahmulus

So now that you’ve got a little background, let’s take a closer look at the figures I was able to purchase. Let’s start with the only standard figure that I snagged… Rahmulus

I only saw a few figures at the show and Rahmulus was definitely the one that called to me the most. His spartan influenced style is definitely catchy looking! I couldn’t bring myself to wait to open this dude (it’s a 4 hour drive home from Chicago, and I’m impatient!) – so I cracked him open before I left the show for the day.

Figure Quality

When I first held the figure, I could tell he was well made. He’s not obnoxiously heavy by any stretch, but is a solid all-around build. The detail on this figure is truly impressive, and is light years beyond the standard Hasbro Marvel Legends or Black Series offerings. The sculpt detail is spot on, and is even better than I expected after seeing only pictures online. The paint applications were very clean- there is virtually no overspray or overlapping of paint and the lines are very crisp.


Mythic Legions Action Figures - Brontus Rahmulus Troll

Mythic Legions Action Figures – Rahmulus vs. Trolls

I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as articulation- I had seen some well-posed pictures online, but wasn’t sure how easily those could be recreated. I would say the articulation is fairly standard- nothing jumped out as incredible, but they also aren’t lacking in options either. It was fairly easy to create some nice (but basic) action poses. I have heard of others having issues with articulation and certain armor pieces, but I didn’t have any real challenges with Rahmulus (his pauldron isn’t huge, so that may be why).

Overall Figure Review

All around, this is a real standout figure to me- if he is any indication of the quality of other figures offered in this line, it’s really no wonder why people have been going nuts for the Mythic Legions figures. I was really pleased with the figure overall, and despite paying more than retail (by almost double) – I was happy with my purchase for sure. At the standard price point ($35 if buying direct from Four Horsemen Studios) these figures are a no brainer to me. They are significantly better than mass-produced figures of the same scale, while also remaining very affordable in comparison. The verdict? Specific to Rahmulus- he’s well worth the purchase, even if you have to pay a bit of a premium.

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