Mighty Max, Toylanta, and Former Employees, Oh My!

By March 17, 2019 No Comments
Mighty Max Warmonger Playset

We’re baaaaack! (Finally… I know, sorry!) After an unintentional break, we’re finally back with another episode of The Toy Archives podcast! In this episode we cover the recent Mighty Max prototype auctions, including the unproduced (and incredibly rare) Warmonger! We’ve also managed to squeeze in a public apology to our friend Blake Wright, a quick overview of the Toylanta toy show, and a few run-ins with former employees and how they’ve been treated by collectors. Next up: Star Wars Celebration Preparation!

Mark Vanis

Mark Vanis

Founder of The Toy Archives and lover of all things toys. Collector of many things, but primarily pre-production items from a variety of toy lines, Vintage Star Wars, and Batman stuff.

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