New Deathstroke 8 Inch Action Figure?!

In a breaking news flash, Figures Toy Company and Mego Museum have officially announced an 8 inch Deathstroke figure to be released in 2019. To my knowledge, this will be the first 8 inch version of Deathstroke. Figures Toy Company has done an excellent job with their recent Mego-scale lineup and hopefully this figure will be no exception! If you’re a fan of the 8 inch scale figures, definitely keep an eye on the Mego Museum for more announcements! The official news release is below:

Figures Toy Company Deathstroke Action Figure

He’s one of the most wanted men in the DC Universe, not just by superheroes, but by collectors of Figures Toy Company’s retro figures.  With an all new lineup of familiar faces set for release in the coming year, it seems natural that FTC has one of the most popular DC Comics characters currently in production.   Get ready for the master mercenary known as Deathstroke!

From taking on the Teen Titans to appearing as a character in the live action Arrow series, Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, has held a pivotal role in many of the biggest sagas and stories ever told in the DC Universe.  Now, collectors can recreate many of those moments with FTC’s first retro offering of the beloved bad guy!  With members of the Teen Titans as well as other rivals like Batman and Green Arrow already available at, there is certainly no shortage of heroes for him to go up against once his retro figure is released!

Figures Toy Company is targeting 2019 for a Deathstroke release, along with other characters already seen such as Hugo Strange, The Royal Flush Gang, Black Canary, and many more!   There are also a whole lot of familiar faces (new and old) that just became available over the past month on FTC’s website, such as the US Presidents, new figures from Scooby-Doo, a few new Joker figures based on both comic book and Super Friends appearances, and the long-awaited return of Svengoolie, as FTC has produced a new figure for him in conjunction with MeTV!  Make sure to check out today, and come back here in the new year for another edition of #MMFTCNEWS to see what else Figures Toy Company has in store!

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