Comic Book Men – Season 7 Appearance

If you’re a toy fan and not watching AMC’s Comic Book Men… you should definitely reconsider your priorities! The show features a comic shop in Red Bank, NJ owned by actor Kevin Smith, aptly named Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, and highlights a great mix of both comics and toys / pop culture memorabilia.

Why you!?

The producers reached out earlier this year after seeing some of the items we had shared on our Instagram and since I’m always up for an adventure, I happily accepted. The timing worked out nicely, as I was able to visit a few friends and their collections, hit up a local show (New Jersey Collectors Con), head into NYC for a day, and then ultimately end up in Red Bank to film.

Filming the show

Filming was an experience far different than I imagined it- there was far less ‘acting’ (which is probably for the better since, you know, I’m not an actor) and really was a casual conversation and very natural dialog- the negotiations and jokes were quite real. All in all, I spent an afternoon on site and filmed for just shy of an hour. The end result? a ~5 minute segment on a great show!

While the segment was brief (as expected) – I was pretty happy with it. In a perfect world, they would have included more of the history and general information on the item (an unproduced Kenner Star Wars Power of the Force Prune Face Proof Card), but hey- that’s what this site is for!

Click here to watch the show directly from AMC’s website.

Mark Vanis

Mark Vanis

Founder of The Toy Archives and lover of all things toys. Collector of many things, but primarily pre-production items from a variety of toy lines, Vintage Star Wars, and Batman stuff.

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