Best Purchases of 2019 – The Mask, Aliens, Predators, Oh My!

By February 8, 2020 No Comments

Is this officially two weeks in a row?! Apparently a 9 month break can make dreams come true! In this episode, we break down our best purchases of 2019 (plus random stuff we forgot along the way)!

We cover a slew of amazing vintage toy lines- Jim Carrey’s The Mask, Kenner’s Mask, Aliens, Predators, Star Wars, Stone Protectors, and so many more great lines! Tune in to hear our best purchases of 2019!

Mark Vanis

Mark Vanis

Founder of The Toy Archives and lover of all things toys. Collector of many things, but primarily pre-production items from a variety of toy lines, Vintage Star Wars, and Batman stuff.

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