Anthrax Hardcopy

TMNT Prototypes

Description: Here we have a painted hardcopy of the Anthrax figure.  Due to the delicate nature of some of the parts like the antenae, this figure unfortunately has a bit of damage and some of the smaller pieces have broken off.

The coolest thing about this hardcopy is the paint scheme.  It often happens that designers paint up the hardcopies in their ideal color scheme, but when the production costs come in, some paint ops are dropped to save money.  This figure is a prime example.  Notice the gold and silver highlights on the arms and the crazy yellow finger and toenails.  Also the belt and chest strap have silver highlights as well that aren't on the production figure.  The tail is quite different as well.  It seems to have reversed colors from the production figure with wide black bands and narrow red bands.

It's cool to see what the designers had hoped for in a paint job.  This figure would have been awesome in this paint scheme.


Company   Playmates

Year   1992

Type   Hardcopy

From the collection of:   Anonymous