Unproduced Team Ninja Hardcopy

TMNT Prototypes

Description: Shown here are three of the four Team Ninja action figures that were planned for a 1995 release. Even the catalog photography (shown here) doesn't have a picture of these figures, but just an artist's rendering.

Up until 2016 it wasn't known that these figure had made it any further than these sketches until a sculpt (shown on another page here on the archives) and these three painted hardcopies were found. These figure have a great aesthetic and would have been a cool addition to the Ninja Turtles line. In 1996, though, the interest in Turtles was waning and it's likely this line didn't get enough interest at Toy Fair to go through to production.


company   Playmates

year   1995

type   harcopy

From the collection of:   C. Fawcett