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First and foremost, we created this site to serve as a channel to bring collectors and information together. Whether you collect prototypes or production, every toy line or just one, or maybe even only a specific character focus, this is the community for you! We're building what we like to call a "Virtual Museum" - a place for you to browse and learn about a wide variety of toy lines. As we hunt down items to add to the archives, we'll be creating content featuring former toy company employees, collectors, dealers, and more, allowing this site to serve as a resource to seasoned and new collectors alike!

At The Toy Archives, we understand that everyone approaches collecting in their own way. Whether you're collecting on a tight budget, collecting only dead mint examples, or collecting a little bit of everything, we are here to provide education and resources that will help you on your collecting journey. As passionate collectors ourselves, our goal is to create a community of knowledge sharing, conversation, and enjoyment.

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